Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green (or whatever color this turns out to be) Smoothie

In reveling at all of the other green smoothie concoctions on the web, I decided to make my own. Having never attempted to add anything but fruit and ice in a blender, I had NO idea how this was going to turn out, let alone what color it was going to be. The majority of the veggies I had were green, so I assumed that's what I would get--a lean green disease-fighting machine, err, smoothie!

Les ingredients:

green zucchini
yellow squash
almond milk
pineapple juice
almond butter



Okay, somebody should have stopped me at the almond butter because adding tofu was the most horrible thing I could have done to my bright green, sweet creation. It was gritty and gross, and after drinking about a fifth of the glass I poured for myself, I nearly gagged trying to get another sip down my gullet.

But I shall not let one tofu disaster kill my enthusiasm for making healthy breakfasts! Tomorrow morning, you will find me back in the kitchen trying my hand at another green smoothie. (Or perhaps I'll wait till Wednesday morning when I no longer cringe at the thought of drinking liquified veggies.)

I definitely commend all those who can make a delicious green smoothie, and hopefully, with practice I'll be up there with the best of 'em.

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